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FDX hotcube New Hot water pressure cleaners
Hot water high-pressure cleaner with engine with electric start-up. Ideal for all applications in case of a power cut, these high-pressure cleaners with endothermic engine are completely stand-alone, sturdy and reliable.
Two large rear wheels and two fixed pneumatic-effect front swivel wheels ensure great mobility on any surface so it is so easy to move around. The tubular structure has been designed for transport by truck or forklift, a central bar allows lifting with a crane or hoist. All components are housed in a sturdy tubular steel frame with cataphoresis treatment for complete protection against corrosion. Motor and pump are installed on the base with anti-vibration mounts to minimize vibration during use.
Comet FW2 triplex pumps are made with high quality materials such as 3 ceramic pistons and brass head, the speed reducer allows the pump to work at low revolutions.
Thanks to the decelerator, the engine reduces its speed automatically lowering the level of noise during work breaks and significantly increasing the cleaner's life. The engine is also fitted with an oil-alert safety device. The integrated fuel tank for the boiler has a cap with fill-up filter and a level sensor. Its shape facilitates filling-up and its 30-litre capacity allows a long working life.
A safety valve limits the pressure inside the boiler. The flow switch monitors the water flow on the delivery branch and prevents the boiler working when the water flow is less than 3 l/min. A photoresistor monitors the flame, disconnecting delivery of the fuel if there is no arc discharge. The powerful vertical coil burner with high efficiency has gradual adjustment between 30°C and 110°C and up to 140°C (steam mode) only with pressures lower than 32 bar.
The pump's inlet water tank disconnects the device from the drinking-water system, protecting all parts that come into contact with water.