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KM - Basic - Classic - Extra
New Hot water pressure cleaners
The new "KM" professional series has been designed for a number of different uses, mainly for dealers, workshops and car-washes, but also in building and agriculture. It combines innovative technology with great convenience and ease of use.
The"KM" series stands out in terms of 7 main features:
1. Environment friendliness
Greater boiler efficiency thanks to a new optimized burner, with precise detergent batching
2. Ease of use
Ease of use is ensured by the operator panel featuring intuitive controls and LED indicators, the hatches for adjustment and routine maintenance jobs and the lance repositioning supports...
3. Cleaning efficiency
Cleaning efficiency is not only ensured by a broad range of high-performance accessories, but also and above all by the Comet pumps with ceramic pistons and brass head and by the warranty that the indicated performance standards are truthful
4. Mobility
The mobility principle with 2 large wheels and 2 castor wheels, ergonomic push handle, crane or hoist lifting for problem-free transport.
5. Easy maintenance
Easy access to all main components for doing maintenance jobs thanks to a removable monobloc casing.
6. Broad range
The available versions adequately cater to the 3.0 to 7.5 HP market segment at competitive prices.
7. Compact design
Though modern and appealing to look at, the dimensions of this high-pressure cleaner are the most compact on the market in its category.