Divisione Cleaning Comet

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Divisione Cleaning Comet

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Divisione Cleaning Comet

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Divisione Cleaning Comet

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Floor Scrubber Comet

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Floor Scrubber Comet

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Domestic cleaning of bikes, motorcycles, cars CometOrdinary cleaning and maintenance of small boats CometSwimming pools cleaning CometMaintenance and cleaning in complete independence of the spaces around the house CometCleaning of house exteriors CometMaintenance and cleaning of roof and gutters CometCleaning of stables and work equipment for the agricultural sector CometProfessional or semi-professional washing of motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, trucks, work equipment CometGraffiti removal from walls and shutters CometCleaning and maintenance of urban furniture CometCleaning of sidewalks and driveways CometCleaning of sewer pipes CometConstruction sites CometFood industryShipbuilding CometIndustrial sector CometRoadworks Comet


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