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We study the daily problems faced in the field, in order to create innovative products specifically designed for each individual need. Our goal is to guarantee quality and performance unchanged over time.

Agricultural Pumps


Low, medium, high pressure diaphragm pumps. Centrifugal and piston pumps. Spraying units, sprayers and wheelbarrows.

Cleaning Pumps


A wide range of hot and cold water high-pressure washers, dedicated to both home and professional use, and vacuum cleaners, floor scrubber, sweepers and hot steam generators.

Industrial Pumps


High-pressure piston pumps, both axial and triplex, used in many sectors, from carwash systems to road washing machines and typical industrial and urban cleaning applications.


Spraying and weeding machines producers blog

Follow the blog of our Agriculture division, lots of useful tips for the diaphragm pump maintenance, trobleshooting videos, spraying and weeding news. Discover the diahragm pump operation and components, and much more…


All the news about cleaning

Follow the blog of our Cleaning division: pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, floor scrubber dryers, sweepers and dry steam generators.Discover all the Comet pressure washers applications: commercial use to clean the car, garden or swimming pool and professional use as car wash or mechanical workshop cleaning.
Maintenance suggestions, usage and mich more…

The precise craftsmanship is our history, the international approach is our nature, the products quality and service efficiency research is our philosophy.
We are making innovation and aim for excellence from 1959.


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