High pressure pump Comet

Comet high pressure pumps represent the “beating heart” of our pressure cleaners, from the compact models for semiprofessional users to the professional machines up to 500 bar for heavy uses. For more information about these applications please visit the cleaning section


Municipality Application Comet

Pumps with application in municipalities. They are assembled on high pressure cleaners or other independent units. These pumps are used to wash urban furnitures or for graffiti removal. They can also be mounted on street cleaning vehicles.


Industrial Sector Application Comet

Pumps for industrial sector. They are used to clean tanks, equipments, filters, pipes, as well as to remove grease, crude oil residues, limestone encrostations, etc.


Marine Application Comet

Pumps with application in the shipyard sector. They are mainly used for ship maintenance, removing of algae, limestones, salt residues. Pumps with higher pressure are used in the offshore sector for cleaning grease and oil, to clean pipes, storage tanks and boilers.


Car Wash System Application Comet

Thanks to the nickel or brass pump heads and kevlar seals, these pumps are recommended for car wash systems, thanks to their superior resistance to high temperatures.


Food industry Application comet

Pumps with application in food industry. They are used to clean grease, dirt, oil residues, dirt and food residues from tanks, ovens, mixers, conveyor belts and machinery. They also can be used to clean cold rooms, slaughterhouses, fishmongers and butchers, sugar mills, bottling plants, food cutting plants, milk tanks, dairy farms. In breweries, they are used to wash tanks, pipes and boilers.


Misting application Comet

The low flow evaporators (misting) have application in many fields, starting from agricultural sector where they are used to maintain the correct moisture content inside green houses, but also inside mines to drop volatil dusts. They are used inside factories to neutralize bad smells and for cooling outdoor spaces of restaurants, hotels and shopping centers.


Construction Application Comet

Pumps with application in construction sites. They are used for cleaning the building sites, to remove plaster and gypsum from walls, to clean equipment, concrete mixers, tanks.


FIREFIGHTING Application Comet

Pumps with application in firefighting sector. This type of high pressure/high flow pumps is suitable for mobile firefighting units, car tankers, trailers, etc.