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C SERIES Hydraulic centrifugal pumps for low pressure treatmentsThe assembly, composed of a hydraulic motor and C610 centrifugal pump, is designed for trailed or selfpropelled sprayers, for weeding and crop protection.Satisfying the need for high flow rates and reduced sizes, it ensures easy application on the machine independent from power take-off and allows precision and safe operations if associated to a computerised distribution system. It is therefore ideal in heavy duty conditions that demand simple, reliable solutions.Performance depends on the oil flow rate of the hydraulic system, up to a maximum of 650 l/min and a maximum pressure of 11.3 [...]

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AGRICULTURAL DIAPHRAGM PUMPS Diaphragm pumps are mainly used in agriculture for spraying and weed control and for the treatment of orchards, vineyards and olive groves. Diaphragm pumps belong to the category of positive displacement volumetric pumps, which exploit the alternating variations of the volume of a chamber (expansion and contraction) to generate imbalances in pressure and give rise to the pumping of the liquid. In agriculture, these pumps are used for spraying and weed-killing treatments to protect crops from pests. Diaphragm pumps are divided into: Low pressure pumps: up to 20 bars they are intended for application on boom [...]

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