Red Series Professional

K-891-991-TS-RW Premium engine water cleaners Comet

Fuel tank with level floater and fill up filter

Regulated high-pressure detergent suction

Readily serviceable suction filter

Big solid wheels (300 mm ø)

Anti-scale device with pump and tank (2.5 l)

Professional 4-pole motor (1400 rpm)

Professional pressure-release unloader valve

Timed TotalStop

General stop (when the machine is not used for a long time)

Double coil vertical boiler

Stainless steel outer casing

Electronic temperature setting system with constant water temperature

PED 2014/68/CE cat. II certification

Flow-switch controlled burner

Safety valve

Boiler thermal protection

Delayed burner start

Low voltage controls


Motor protected with a thermal relay

Rotary On-Off switch

Electronic temperature setting

“No fuel” indicator

“Machine switched on” indicator

“General Stop” indicator

“Motor thermal cut-out triggered” indicator

“Microleaks alarm” indicator

“Steam shutdown” indicator

“Check burner” indicator

Application and Uses

Application Comet
Application Comet
Application Comet
Application Comet

Professional or semi-professional washing of motor vehicles, heavy vehicles, trucks, work equipment. CometGraffiti removal from walls and shutters CometCleaning and maintenance of urban furniture CometConstruction sites CometShipbuilding CometIndustrial sector CometRoadworks Comet

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KF EXTRA Standard Accessories




15-litres capacity fuel tank with level float and fill up filter


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