Patriot Comet

PATRIOT is the new electric hot water HP cleaner for semi professional applications by Comet. Available in three models with three axial pistons pump and aluminum or brass pump head.

General features

  • Electrical pump with three axial pistons arranged vertically with pump at the bottom and an all-metal construction without any plastic used for the structural components
  • Brass head (on Patriot 150 Gold) or aluminum head
  • 4 lt Diesel tank with inlet filter and cap
  • EASY-START device
  • TotalStop device
  • Vertical burner with high thermal efficiency steel coil
  • Auxiliary engine for ventilation of boiler unit
  • Delayed burner start
  • Safety valve
  • Boiler thermal protection
  • Double switch (cold water – hot water)
Download Diaphragm Pump Comet Guide

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